Sunday, July 20, 2008

Architecture Prints

One of my strongest sources of inspiration in Providence was the architecture. There are so many beautiful old houses with interesting architectural detailing and fantastic paint colors all over the little New England city. I loved walking the streets and taking in the shingles, door knockers, windows, door frames, lighting fixtures, and wrought iron gates that made the houses so extraordinary.

The following series of prints are all inspired by the houses on the East Side of Providence. After taking a roll or two of pictures and making sketches of my favorite homes, I went into the studio and cut designs into several dozen small (8 X 8 inches) linoleum blocks. The focus of my lino block designs was architectural embellishment; I drew from the textures, patterns, and shapes of the decorative pieces adorning these charming East Side houses.

Once the designing and cutting was done, I inked each block with a lighter color and printed a small series for every block. I then returned to the lino blocks to subtract more material before inking again and printing the second color on top of the first. Thus I have two colors per print.

Below you will see an example of each print. The images that appear here have been cropped, but when printed on paper they have an inch of white border all around them. Approximate size of each print is 8 X 8 inches.

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