Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graffiti Wall Photos

Model: Hinda Asindraza
Site: South Central Los Angeles


colleen granahan said...

hinda is hot. your mom, my mom, and me think so. you know what else is hot...the pie that is in the oven that we are about ot consume. it will not be good fro your mom . but bloggers---she ate swordfish and grilled veggies tonight. no fried fat. tons of lemon and olive oil ( my mom is all about the meditteranean diet). GO GREEKS! We are here to dye your moms hair red. we love this phase in your life but think you look hotter dirty blonde with blonde streaks. i am living vicariously through you and wishing i could dye my hair red as well. imagine that with the black eyebrows. how bout black hair for a little for me? we love the plam trees.palm is the new plam. and the skeleton rug matches the mexican skull my mom said. we all really love you over here in the east. and its quite odd fro me to be ( brroklyn talk your mom says) typing in the middle of two middle aged women . your mom just farted. no---LEGIT. it smells. guess the healthy eating still makes you fart or fart mmore. we are having a great time reading your blog and looking at obese szeker. i think your next post should be model shots of our two moms hittin it hard in LA. i love you and i miss you. i think you are doign great things. i wish i could blog too. i will soon be a native new yorker and im freaked.

colleen granahan said...

julie, i love your photography. dynamite backgrounds and geometric plays. xo mom