Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crazy Tea Pot Ladies

I went to the West Side to have scrambled eggs in a little cafe this morning.

On my way home I went to the Farmers' Market.

On the way home from that (laden down with the season's LAST crop of Figs from my favorite Farmer) I got lost looking for the freeway.

I was just starting to get annoyed about being lost when I happened upon a tag sale by a bunch of older ladies. These ladies were roommates, and the terrace of their house had a million tea pots hanging from it. Apparently people have been bringing them tea pots to add to the collection for years. They sold me some amazing stuff, too. For example, I bought a third brass swan, which I think means I now officially collect brass swans. I said that out loud, and one woman went inside to get her Medicine Card book, because she felt my swan affinity was significant. After she read to me about the symbolism of swans (creating sacred space and not denying the power of my female energy) I bought her 1980s one piece shorts thinger with big pink flowers, and a weird hat. Can't wait to go out on the town in that outfit. I will think of the teapots, the crazy room mates, and the swan.


kathleen said...

I think the reason I love you is that you can declare "I now officially collect brass swans" and it's true. Totally true.

Julie said...

You got that right!

Halley said...

ugh, I'm so jealous. that's amazing...teapot ladies, yes.